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Fisioesmou,+ than physiotherapy

Behind our brand are professionals, but the most important thing is that they are people who love what they do and it shows in the final result.

We take care of our customers as if they were something our, that in some way they are, are part of the esmou family.

volvemos pero preparados

we return to the activity!

We carry out urgent and inexcusable physiotherapy treatments during the COVID-19 health crisis.

For patients who urgently need physiotherapy because otherwise it could have an unfavorable evolution if their treatment is delayed. (Prostheses, post-surgeries, strokes, beds ...)

We move to your home

Our idea is clear, we want to offer custom sessions & adapted to domicile, having as its goal the best recovery of our customers.

Nobody gives you the ease of having a physiotherapy service as our in house, face up to your physical problems before you cause greater evils.

Give us and live the experience

We move To your company

With the alarming growth of diseases that have work-related, are now many companies that offer their workers the possibility of receiving physiotherapy treatment at their facilities.

The rates shall be commensurate with the needs of each company. Depending on the number of workers, the days of treatment a week, contracted hours, drawn up a budget custom :)

Fisioterapia para toda la familia.
Fisioterapia para toda la familia.

We move to your event

Athletes increasingly more positively valued the service of physiotherapy in a sports event, in fact this is a growing demand. You will be giving added value to the test with our quality service.

If you are a sports event organizer and want to give a good service of physiotherapy, leave it in our hands.

That we treat

For all these reasons, we have physical therapists each specialized in a specific field, in order to offer the best possible treatment. In this way we get a result optimal and personalized for each patient.


They are one of the techniques of abdominal work more booming in the world of physical therapy


A series of continuous passive movements of the joints and soft tissues that are applied at different speeds and amplitudes.


Manual treatment that requires the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body to prevent and alleviate muscle spasms, pain and discomfort...


When a stretch is very important to be focused and keep in mind the body schema.


This massage fixed their attention on download accumulated tension. Applied slowly and with a firm and progressive pressure.

Sport events

Do you organize a sports event and want a quality physiotherapy service? We are your best choice.

Neurological Physiotherapy

It consists of the application of different techniques, which aims to return the normal mobility to patients who have suffered a sensitive-motor disorder.

Respiratory physiotherapy

Specialty dedicated to the prevention, treatment and stabilization of respiratory alterations, whose general objective is to improve the regional pulmonary ventilation.

The older adult

Physical activity in the elderly is highly beneficial to their quality of life, as well as for its improvement and rehabilitation after illness.

Reserva ya tu cita

It is necessary to adapt the therapy to the patient
And not the patient to the therapy.

The family Es mou

We want to show you what makes Es mou whatever it is. We are a family among us, our good vibes can deliver it to you.

Physical therapist

Marc Marzo

Physical therapist

Edgar Munné

Medical services


Don't worry for nothing,
we move wherever you are.

To prevent possible injury

The preventive physiotherapy is the best remedy to prevent sports injuries by bad heating or overloads for example. It is important that you know all the factors to correct it before it occurs.

Es mou are specialized physical therapists in to minimize the likelihood of injury, with fully customized sessions at your home :).

Fisioterapia para toda la familia.
Fisioterapia para toda la familia.

A physiotherapy for all

We want our services to reach all generations of the family, because to care for or prevent injuries, there is no set age.

We want to eliminate the false myth that only goes to a physical therapist when there is pain. Prevent diseases & injuries, you educate with our knowledge.

Registered physiotherapists

In fisioesmou we take very seriously our work because we know that you deserve at all times care with all the guarantees.

That is why all members are licensed physical therapists, who have the knowledge and the experience necessary to make the treatments applied the most accurate.

Fisioterapeutas colegiados.

Our prices

precios por sesiones
precios por sesiones
precios por sesiones
precios por sesiones

Get your bonus 10 o 5 sessions
and take advantage of each session

We reward your loyalty

Yes, we are very traditional and we like loyalty, why be faithful never had gone out so to account. We present you our Loyalty Card, you can get it by our family.

In addition to giving you discounts as usual, you will get surprises which we will be revealing little by little. Admit it we like the mystery, we hope that you also :)

Fisioterapia para toda la familia.


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